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  • a collection of personal reflections about living a full life while managing the herpes simplex virus (HSV).
  • a place to find an updated listing of national events open to the HSV community.
  • a space to read interviews with leaders of the HSV community, who have generously shared their true personal stories with H-Book.
  • a repository for links to reliable resources on herpes, including well-established medical and health organizations and published material by internationally-known researchers; as well as links to international, national, and local support and social groups.

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  • is a teacher, long-time counselor in the H community, and the Lead Planner of the annual Friends On the Beach national event.
  • helps administer National HELP, a private, 100% support group on Facebook that serves the HSV/HPV community.
  • might be able to help you find whatever you can’t find here and is happy to hear from you – so please make contact!

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